Machine and Power Processing Technologies

Solutions for electrical machine and power electronics applications

Who are we?

We are researchers and engineers who produce high-tech products by combining extensive university knowledge with industry experience.


What we do?

We provide customized solutions for your electrical machine and power processing needs.

This includes designing, optimizing, prototyping and testing services to improve your system beyond its current limits.

Our Specialties

Electrical Machine Design and Optimization

Magnetic, thermal and mechanical designs for all types of electrical machines

Transformer Design and Optimization

Transformer and inductance designs for low frequency and high frequency applications.

Electromagnetic Brake Design and Optimization

Electromagnetic brake designs for specific applications in all kinds of systems

Power Electronics Circuit Analysis and Design

Converter designs for all applications of power electronics, including motor drive system development

Embedded Systems for Power Electronics and Motor Drives

Hardware and software development of embedded systems

LED Drive

LED driver power supply designs for LED lightning applications

Our Work Areas

Electrical and Hybrid Vehicle Applications

Electrical machine and power electronics designs for automotive applications

Defense and Robotic Applications

Servo motor and electromagnetic brake designs used in defense or robotic systems

Renewable Energy Systems

Inverter, converter and alternator designs for wind and solar energy systems

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